Current Exhibition

Richard Reed started drawing and painting before he even started elementary school. He made the proclamation to himself, in 1948 while enrolled in first grade, that he was going to be an artist. Lucky for us, this small town farm boy from Marion, Ohio, then started doing artwork and has not stopped in the last 70 years.
Like many artists, Richard pursued the art college route at the Columbus College of Art and Design. He then let his heart take him to the Kansas City Art Institute where he studied sculpture under Dale Eldred, the well-known sculptor, for 7 years. While in Kansas, he continued to hone his skills in painting and drawing. He fueled his hungry stomach by freelancing and working for Sheffer Studios doing architectural renderings. Eventually, the architectural rendering work brought him to Toledo where he worked for Howard and Associates and the well -known Art Associates while continuing to do freelance work.
Richard has shown his artwork at “The Toledo Area Artist Exhibit” where he has won a first prize in watercolor, many honorable mentions, and an esteemed Best of Show Award.
Richard has always admired artists like Rembrandt, Richter, Rothko, John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, Pablo Picasso, David Hockney, and George Bellows. He is adamant about not copying the style of others. He looks to his farm background, his travel experiences, such as road trips to the New England coast and to the urban areas of California, as well as to his current city life for suggestions about the colors he is to use, as well as the objects and the people he is to paint. Nostalgia plays a part in his inspiration, but he keeps refreshing and refining his work to reflect his current life experiences. His paintings also reflect his “trip around reality” idea, where everything goes easily and the story flows the way he decides. Drama is an underlying theme in Richard’s work. He has pointed out that some of his characters have a very private, defensive and observing nature. He believes that many of his paintings are a reflection of his soul.
Reed paints almost every day at his studio at 252 Ottawa St., Toledo. Reeds studio is a great place to visit, to see what paintings are in progress or to talk about a future commission. His quiet studio is a place where he works in abstract simplicity and austerity. The statement “less is more” applies to his new work, but he still makes sure he has a powerful punch in the finished product. The only challenge Reed is working on is to please himself and maybe you!