Current Exhibition

Artist Statement:

This series of paintings explores what I love most about the actual process of painting: analyzing a subject, playing with delicious colors, and interpreting what I see with paint and color. Choosing paint as an interpretive medium allows repeated experiences, quickly or leisurely, intently or peripherally, and it can become a personality in the room or space.

I have been devoted to abstract expressionism since my introduction in college; using paint to communicate. But I find exploring the minute details of specific, recognizable subjects irresistible; a leaf, a grape, or a fish, selecting and editing information. The colors, shapes, and potential compositions that demand a closer look, and appreciation. In larger than life proportions, they have a presence. I also find that they lead seamlessly to figurative work.

The process of analyzing, selecting, deciding and interpreting never disappoints me, and the possibilities are endless.

Artist Bio:

Vanessa Snyder has been painting since childhood. Private oil painting lessons and degrees from the University of Toledo provided educational introductions, but it was many years of art classes at The Toledo Museum of Art that inspired her most. While living on the east coast, she took advantage of countless museums and collections that cemented her appreciation for abstract expressionism. Additional ceramic studies increased her respect for clay, particularly porcelain, and those textures and firing processes impact her two-dimensional work.

Vanessa has also always worked professionally, and much of her work is located in many institutions: Toledo Area Schools and Hospitals, the Metroparks of Toledo, the Detroit Institute of Art, and The Detroit Zoo. She is best known for working with two Toledo organizations as Creative Director: The Toledo Zoo, and Toledo’s Science Center, where she interpreted scientific subject matter via illustration and exhibit design. Samples of her painting and design can be seen in exhibit components, illustration and murals, and a large collection of print collateral.

Over the course of her career, she has continued to paint, and her work is included in many private collections. She was invited to speak about the joys of juggling personal and professional creative pursuits in a local Public Radio interview on The Rough Draft Diaries.

Subject matters evolve, given new experiences, mentors, and travel, but analyzing and interpreting the world is at the root of all her creative work. Painting is her preferred and most personal means of accomplishing that.


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